New Shipping Rates

New Shipping Rates

Well.. Japan Post has changed their rates. The store has been updated and the new rates are now active. Here are some details.

It is now more expensive to ship a very small package to the US. For example a single CD game used to cost $4 by Surface mail or $5 by airmail. Now that same package will cost $6.50 via surface mail or $9.50 by Airmail. It’s quite an increase.

But it’s not nearly as bad when sending larger packages to the US. For example if you have a package with 12 CD sized games (I’ll estimate 1.6kg) the old rates were $12.25 by Surface mail and $27.00 by Airmail. The new rates are $16 by Surface Mail and $28 by Airmail. For Airmail there was almost no change.

- For non US customers: you will notice some small increases (far less than the change that happened for the US) for light orders, but as you get past the 1kg point there is almost no change from the previous prices.

-Yamato Global Express rates (at least for now) remain unchanged and are a good value for orders over 1.8kg.

-I am still waiting to get pricing on Surface mail packages over 2kg, so for the time being this option is turned off.

I am sorry for any inconvenience these changes cause for you. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your understanding and support.