Bust a Groove / Bust a Move: Dance & Rhythm Action (バスト ア ムーブ Dance & Rhythm Action)

Bust a Groove / Bust a Move: Dance & Rhythm Action (バスト ア ムーブ Dance & Rhythm Action)

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Item description

Bust a Move: Dance & Rhythm Action (バスト ア ムーブ Dance & Rhythm Action) is one of my all time favorite music games (and one of my favorite PS1 games in general). Great music, fun characters. It came out in the US as Bust a Groove (the other name was already taken by Puzzle Bobble). This is the uncensored Japanese version. Some of the changes, from wiki:

The Western versions of the game had a number of changes from the Japanese version, mostly due to cultural differences between countries.

-Hiro-kun was originally smoking a cigarette in the game but this was removed for the Western releases. Also, his name was shortened to just "Hiro", with "kun" being omitted.

-Hamm's general appearance was changed from a ganguro design into a generic, Caucasian style. As a result, cutscenes for him were also changed.

-Hamm's song had two of its lines changed. Near the beginning, "McDonald's, Burger King, or any other place" was replaced with a loop of "Hamburger lovers let me hear you say ho" (which is heard again later in the song).

-Strike's song originally contained references to alcohol. This line was removed for the Western releases, leaving an instrumental following the line "Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'm the only true Eraser".

-During gameplay, Strike is seen drinking from a hip flask. This was changed to a can of soda pop (possibly Coca-Cola).

-"Waratte PON", "Aozora no KNIFE", "Uwasa no KAPOEIRA" and "Transform" were translated to English and were re-recorded for the Western releases (The former three were re-titled as "Shorty and the EZ mouse", "Bust a Groove" and "Capoeira", respectively).

-Frida (Player 2) hair color was originally black, but was changed to blue for the Western releases.

And other changes.

You can play without knowing Japanese.

The game has been tested and plays great. The photo uploaded is of the actual game I am selling. Make sure that you have the necessary hardware to run Japanese Playstation games before buying. This game will not run on an unmodified US/PAL system. You will need a Japanese PS1/PS2/PS3 or a mod for a US system. It will also play in some PC/MAC based emulators.

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