Famicom Dojo Season 1 DVD

Famicom Dojo Season 1 DVD

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The internet sensation comes to DVD! Famicom Dojo's first season covers the basics: from the Famicom and it's Disk System, to the launch and subsequent success of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Join hosts Vinnk and SeanOrange as they reveal the world of modern gaming history from its roots in Japan to the present day, and Train your game at the Famicom Dojo. Includes: all six regular season episodes, complete with brand-new director's commentary; Wii Launch Day and Tokyo Game Show 2007 Specials, plus an all-new exclusive Convention Tour 2008 special; website promos previously only released for iTunes download; and all new exclusive bloopers, outtakes, and alternate scenes!

This DVD is new and unopened. Region free.