Tommy february6 - Tommy february6

Tommy february6 - Tommy february6

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This is the first self-titled album by Tomoko Kawase's Bubblegum synth-pop group Tommy february6.

Vinnk's Take: Might be one of the best things ever. Tomoko Kawase is a member of the rock group "The Brilliant Green" (also fantastic, check them out) but wanted to do some songs in an 80's retro pop vain. So she made the alter ego Tommy february6. On the surface it does indeed look like sweet innocent candy pop but under the surface there is a darker twisted side. Watch the video for the hit "Everyday at the Bus Stop" (linked below) to see what I mean. Beyond that, it's just good catchy music. I love it.


1. "T.O.M.M.Y"
2. "Everyday at the Bus Stop"
3. "Tommy Feb Latte, Macaron."
4. "Bloomin'!"
5. "Hey Bad Boy"
6. "Kiss One More Time"
7. "Where Are You? "My Hero""
8. "Walk Away From You My Babe"
9. "Love Never Sleeps"
10. "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" (Frankie Valli cover)
11. "I'll Be Your Angel"
12. "Candy Pop in Love"trumental

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