Koda Kumi - Best: First Things (2CD + DVD version)

Koda Kumi - Best: First Things (2CD + DVD version)

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Best: First Things is the first greatest hits album from Koda Kumi

Vinnk's Take: When I was in Japan in the mid 2000s you couldn't go anywhere without hearing songs from this album. "Butterfly", "Real Emotion" (which was the theme to Final Fantasy X-2) and of course her iconic cover of the 'Cutey Honey" theme which is a Karaoke favorite still today. Koda Kumi started the trend of Erotic Cute (Ero Kawaii) and her videos are as much fun to watch as her songs are to sing.

Note: The DVD included in this album is region 2 so make sure your player can read these discs. The CDs themselves will play in any player.


1. No Tricks
2. Take Back
3. Trust Your Love
4. Color Of Soul
5. So Into You
6. Love Across The Ocean
7. M·a·z·e
8. Real Emotion
9. 1000の言葉
10. Come With Me
11. Gentle Words
12. Crazy 4 U

1. キューティーハニー (Cutey Honey)
2. Chase
3. 奇跡
4. Selfish
5. Hands
6. Hot Stuff
7. Butterfly
8. Flower
9. Promise
10. Star

Music Video DVD
1. Take Back
2. Trust Your Love
3. Color Of Soul
4. So Into You
5. Love Across The Ocean
6. M·a·z·e
7. Real Emotion
8. Come With Me
9. Gentle Words
10. Crazy 4 U
11. キューティーハニー
12. Chase
13. 奇跡
14. Selfish
15. Hands ~Single Version~
16. Hot Stuff
17. Butterfly
18. Promise

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