hitomi - Thermo Plastic

hitomi - Thermo Plastic

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Item description

Thermo Plastic is the 4th album by hitomi.

Vinnk's Take: I have always seen this as a transitional Hitomi album. This is her first album which is not produced by Tetsuya Komuro and it marks her moving from "pop princess" to something more genuine (while still being highly entertaining). The song "Wish" (linked below) is one of my favorite songs and worth the price of the album alone.

Track listing

1. "L'utero"
2. "Gamble"
3. "Kimi no Tonari (君のとなり)"
4. "Bird"
5. "Wish"
6. "Amai Namida (甘い涙)"
7. "Re-make"
8. "Made To Be In Love"
9. "A Little (I Need Everything)"
10. "There Is..."
11. "Under The Sun"
12. "Taion (体温)"

This CD has been tested and plays great. The photo uploaded is of the actual CD I am selling. Audio CDs from Japan have no region coding so they will play in any standard player. It looks as though the back art is missing, it isn't, this was a stylistic choice to have a clear back.

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