hitomi - Traveler

hitomi - Traveler

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Item description

Traveler is the 7th album by hitomi.

Vinnk's Take: I didn't actually listen to this album much until recently. It came out during the time I was back in the States finishing university so I didn't have the thrill of lisening to this one when it was new. That too bad because as I have been discovering, this is a great album. You have rocking tracks like "Speed Star" and ballads like "Kokoro no Tabibito" that really show off hitomi's maturing voice talent. Don't make the mistake I did and overlook this one.

Track listing

1. "Comodón Johnson"
2. "Speed Star"
3. "Shiawasette, Nan desu ka? (シアワセッテ、ナンデスカ?)"
4. "Anti (ア・ン・チ)"
5. "Hikari (ヒカリ)"
6. "Steady"
7. "Kaze no Message (風の伝言)"
8. "Like A Free Bird"
9. "Status (ステータス)"
10. "Kokoro no Tabibito (心の旅人)"
11. "Moment"

This CD has been tested and plays great. The photo uploaded is of the actual CD I am selling. Audio CDs from Japan have no region coding so they will play in any standard player. It looks as though the back art is missing, it isn't, this was a stylistic choice to have a clear back.

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