Nanase Aikawa - ParaDOX

Nanase Aikawa - ParaDOX

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ParaDOX is the 2nd album by Nanase Aikawa.

Vinnk's Take: I was and still am mildly disturbed by the video for "Koigokoro" (see below) but this is a great 90's Power Pop album. It continues to define her "bad girl" persona and it is a fun album to listen to really loudly. I recommend the track, "Troublemaker"


1. "CAT on the Street"
2. "Tenshi no You ni Odorasete (天使のように踊らせて)"
3. "Troublemaker (トラブルメイカー) (trouble mix)"
4. "Akeru Koto no Nai Yoru Shizumu Koto no Nai Taiyou (明けることのない夜 沈むことのない太陽)
5. "Tori ni Naretara (鳥になれたら)
6. "a piece of memory"
7. "Koigokoro (恋心)
8. "Konna ni Aishitemo (こんなに愛しても) (water version)"
9. "Love merry-go-round"
10. "Sweet Emotion (S.V.mix)"
11. "Two of us"

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