Hitomi - Self Portrait (Double Disc Best of Album)

Hitomi - Self Portrait (Double Disc Best of Album)

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Self Portrait is the 2nd Best Of Album by Hitomi

Vinnk's Take: Self Portrait is a very unique "Best of" album. The first disc is the usual best of with the greatest hits from albums Thermo Plastic, Love Life and huma-rhythm. The 2nd disc is re-recordings of tracks from her first 3 albums (Go to the Top, Déjà-vu and By Myself) These newly recorded tracks highlight her evolving style. One track even has her singing a duet with her past voice. There are also two new songs for the album, "Vibes" and "Understanding" and a new live vesion of Flow", which make the album worth owning even if you already have all of her other albums. And if you are new to this artist this is a career spanning album worth getting.


Disc one

1. "Love 2000" (from Love Life, 2000)
2. "There Is..." (from Thermo Plastic, 1999)
3. "Kimi ni Kiss" (キミにKISS) (from Love Life)
4. "Fat Free" (from Love Life)
5. "Maria (Love Life Version)" (from Love Life)
6. "Taion" (体温) (from Thermo Plastic)
7. "Is it You?" (from Huma-rhythm, 2002)
8. "Samurai Drive" (from Huma-rhythm)
9. "Innocence" (from Huma-rhythm)
10. "I Am" (from Huma-rhythm)
11. "Understanding" (new to this collection)
12. "Why?" (from Huma-rhythm)
13. "Kimi no Tonari (Thermo Plastic Version)" (君のとなり) (from Thermo Plastic)

Disc two

1. "Candy Girl (Self Portrait Version)" (from Go to the Top, 1995)
2. "Busy Now (Self Portrait Version)" (from Déjà-vu, 1997)
3. "In the Future (Self Portrait Version)" (from By Myself, 1996)
4. "Go to the Top (Now & Then Version)" (from Go to the Top)
5. "Problem (Self Portrait Version)" (from Déjà-vu)
6. "By Myself (Self Portrait Version)" (from By Myself)
7. "Vibes" (New for this album)
8. "Flow (6.14 Budokan Live Version)" (New for this album)

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