Utada Hikaru - Heart Station

Utada Hikaru - Heart Station

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Utada Hikaru's 5th full length album (8th if you count the English albums credited as Cubic U or Utada)

Vinnk's Take: After her English language albums failed to set the world on fire (despite their quality) many people began to doubt that she would ever be able to deliver an album of the quality and mainstream appeal of her first 3. Personally I never never bet agains Hikaru and she showed everyone with a fantastic return to form album Heart Station. The lead single, "Flavor of Life", because one of the top selling singles of all time. Also "Prisoner of Love" and "Beautiful World" are fantastic. As I was writing this I was compelled to listen through the entire album again. An afternoon well spent.


1. "Fight the Blues" 4:10
2. "Heart Station" 4:36
3. "Beautiful World" 5:17
4. "Flavor of Life (Ballad Version)" 5:25
5. "Stay Gold" 5:14
6. "Kiss & Cry" 5:06
7. "Gentle Beast Interlude" 1:13
8. "Celebrate" 4:26
9. "Prisoner of Love" 4:46
10. "Teiku 5 (テイク 5, Take 5)" 3:42
11. "Boku wa Kuma (ぼくはくま, I am a Bear)" 2:23
12. "Niji-iro Basu (虹色バス, Rainbow-colored Bus)" 5:50
13. "Flavor of Life" (bonus track)

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