Twinbee Paradise OVA 1 Venus' Smile (ツインビーPARADISE1-ヴィーナスの微笑み)

Twinbee Paradise OVA 1 Venus' Smile (ツインビーPARADISE1-ヴィーナスの微笑み)

Price: US$5.99

Weight: 620Grams

Item description

Twinbee Paradise OVA 1 Venus' Smile (ツインビーPARADISE1-ヴィーナスの微笑み) is the first OVA anime feature based on the Twinbee Paradise Radio Drama which itself is based on the shooter video games.

This is a Japanese LaserDisc. Not a DVD or VideoCD. Japanese LaserDiscs will play in Japanese or US players (they are both NTSC). This disc has been tested and works on my Pioneer player. I have not watched the entire disc but the surface has no noticeable scratches or rot and the first part of the disc plays fine. If you need a further test, or more details, get in contact with me and I can help you.

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