Final Fight (ファイナルファイト)

Final Fight (ファイナルファイト)

Price: US$14.99

Weight: 120Grams

Item description

Final Fight (ファイナルファイト) is a classic side-scrolling Beat 'em Up (called a "Belt Action" style game in Japan. Great graphics, great gameplay. A must-own action game. No Japanese needed to play.

This is the original Japanese version. There was some changes made to the US localization. From Wiki:
"The English localization of the SNES port was censored for its content and features several differences from its Japanese Super Famicom counterpart: the first two bosses, Damnd and Sodom, were renamed Thrasher and Katana respectively; Belger's wheelchair was redrawn to look like an office chair; Poison, a woman with pink hair, and Roxy, a woman with red hair, were replaced with two male enemies named Billy and Sid; all alcoholic references were removed, with two health-recovering items replaced; the line "Oh! My God", spoken by an enemy when his car is destroyed during the first bonus stage, was changed to "Oh! My Car"; the blood splash effect shown when a character is stabbed was replaced by a generic explosion, and some of the darker skinned enemy characters were given lighter skin tones."

The game has been tested and plays great. The photo uploaded is of the actual game I am selling. I test to make sure each cartridge loads on actual Super Famicom hardware. If the game contains a battery I cannot guarantee that it will still function when you receive the game. Make sure that you have the necessary hardware to run Japanese Super Famicom games before buying. This cart will not run on an unmodified Super Nintendo system. You could buy a pin converter or look on the internet to see how to mod your super Nintendo for free in 5 minutes with nothing more than a pair of pliers.

Loose Super Famicom carts will be wrapped in a removable plastic sleeve and then placed in a bubble wrapped mailer for shipping. Please remember, the games will ship from Japan so please allow some additional shipping time. Also during Japanese postal holidays (New Year's, Golden Week, Obon) orders will be delayed while the post office is closed.

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