Koda Kumi - BEST〜third universe〜 (2CD + DVD version)

Koda Kumi - BEST〜third universe〜 (2CD + DVD version)

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Best: First Things is the 3rd greatest hits album from Koda Kumi

Vinnk's Take: The 3rd best of album from Koda Kumi. This album represents the end of the "golden age" of Kumi's mainstream popularity. She is still very popular but at this time she was everywhere. Great tracks on this one. "Freaky" is a sexy favorite. What interesting is that this Special edition also contains her entire 8th album "Universe". Can't admit in in polite company, but I love the track "Lick me" (video below) and her collaboration with her sister Misono for "It's All Love!". Great Koda Kumi album, and the DVD has great videos.

Note: The DVD included in this album is region 2 so make sure your player can read these discs. The CDs themselves will play in any player.


Best: Third Universe album (CD 1)

1. "Koi no Tsubomi" (from Black Cherry) 4:06
2. "I'll Be There" (from Black Cherry) 4:15
3. "Ningyo Hime" (from Black Cherry) 4:25
4. "With Your Smile" (from Black Cherry) 4:15
5. "Yume no Uta" (from Black Cherry) 4:43
6. "But" (from Kingdom) 3:37
7. "Freaky" (from Kingdom) 3:18
8. "Girls" (from Freaky) 4:37
9. "Ai no Uta" (from Kingdom) 4:51
10. "Last Angel" (feat. Tohoshinki; from Kingdom) 3:48
11. "Anytime" (from Kingdom) 4:09
12. "Moon Crying" (from Trick) 5:43
13. "That Ain't Cool" (feat. Fergie; from Trick) 3:30
14. "Lady Go!" (from Koda Kumi Driving Hit's) 4:02
15. "Taboo" (from Trick) 3:50
16. "Stay with Me" (from Trick) 4:53

Universe album (CD 2)

1. "Step into My World" 2:59
2. "Can We Go Back". 3:23
3. "Superstar" 3:19
4. "You're So Beautiful" 3:40
5. "Lick Me" 3:28
6. "Work It Out!" 3:46
7. "No Way". 5:39
8. "Stay" 4:10
9. "Comes Up" 3:53
10. "Physical Thing" 2:55
11. "Ecstasy" 3:26
12. "Universe" 3:33
13. "It's All Love!" (Kumi Koda x Misono) 4:55
14. "Alive" 3:41
15. "Moon Crying" (Live Version in Taiwan, First Press Track Only) 7:47


1. "Koi no Tsubomi" 4:07
2. "Ningyo Hime" 4:40
3. "Yume no Uta" 5:06
4. "But" 3:53
5. "Freaky" 3:42
6. "Ai no Uta" 4:40
7. "Last Angel" (feat. Tohoshinki) 4:11
8. "anytime" 4:14
9. "Moon Crying" 6:31
10. "Taboo" 4:09
11. "Stay with Me" 5:09
12. "It's All Love!" (Kumi Koda x Misono) 5:02
13. "Lick Me" 3:39
14. "Ecstasy" 3:35
15. "Physical Thing" 3:09
16. "Can We Go Back" 4:37
17. "Superstar" 3:25
18. "You're So Beautiful"

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