Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 / Moero! Justice Gakuen (燃えろ! ジャスティス学園)

Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 / Moero! Justice Gakuen (燃えろ! ジャスティス学園)

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Item description

Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 / Moero! Justice Gakuen (燃えろ! ジャスティス学園) is a wacky and wonderful 3D fighter for the Dreamcast. The Japanese version is different from the US/PAL releases.

From wiki: "the Dreamcast port of Project Justice in Japan includes a character creation mode that allows a player to create their own fighters who can be used in all modes except for single-player. However, the character creation in Project Justice is packaged as a board game, taking place during an inter-school festival, rather than a date sim game like in Rival Schools. As with School Life Mode in the original Rival Schools, though, this boardgame is not included in non-Japanese ports of Project Justice due to the amount of time it would take to translate the mode. Instead, several unlockable sub-characters were included in these ports, built from the character creation parts in the Japanese version."

As for the main game, since it is a fighter there is no need to have Japanese skill to play.

The game has been tested on authentic Dreamcast hardware and plays great. The photo uploaded is of the actual game I am selling. Make sure that you have the necessary hardware to run Japanese Sega Dreamcast games before bidding. This game will run on a US/PAL system if it is modified or if you have a boot disc (of which there are many varieties).

Dreamcast games will be wrapped in a removable plastic sleeve and then placed in a bubble wrapped mailer for shipping. Please remember, the games will ship from Japan so please allow some additional shipping time. Also during Japanese postal holidays (New Year's, Golden Week, Obon) orders will be delayed while the post office is closed.

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