Korokoro Kirby (コロコロカービィ)

Korokoro Kirby (コロコロカービィ)

Price: US$9.99

Weight: 50Grams


Item description

Korokoro Kirby (コロコロカービィ) is a motion action puzzle game. It has a special set of sensors in the cart that detect motion. No Japanese skill is needed to play this game.

From Wiki:

"As with all Game Boy Color games, the Game Boy Advance can play it as well. Because the sensors are calibrated for the cartridge to be played upright, the Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Player have some problems. While they can both boot the game, the controls are reversed on the SP because the cartridge slot is on the bottom instead of the top. Since the sensors are inside the cartridge, the only way to play it on the Game Boy Player is to pick up and tilt the GameCube itself. This method is made even more unorthodox due to the fact that the game uses the controller during gameplay, so the player would have to manage tilting the console and using the controller. However, many speedrunners use this add-on to capture footage while using a dance mat to push buttons. Even so, playing the game on a television is inauthentic, as players were originally meant to feel that Kirby's movement happened because of gravity bringing him down on the "slope" of the Game Boy Color's screen. However, it has been discovered that by inserting a Game Boy Color GameShark Pro into a Game Boy Advance SP, the cartridge will be oriented correctly, allowing the game to be played as originally intended."

The game has been tested on an authentic Game Boy system and plays great. The photo uploaded is of the actual game I am selling. Check the condition before buying. Game Boy games are region free! This cart WILL run on JPN/US/PAL Game Boy Color or GBA systems. It will also run on any version of the GameCube Game Boy Player.

Loose Game Boy carts will be wrapped in a removable plastic sleeve and then placed in a bubble wrapped mailer for shipping. Please remember, the games will ship from Japan so please allow some additional shipping time. Also during Japanese postal holidays (New Year's, Golden Week, Obon) orders will be delayed while the post office is closed.

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